I'm an Illustrator, Designer, Author, and all-around Swiss Army Knife of Artistic Possibilities. Here are a few samples of my work. Enjoy!



Hub City 15th Anniversary collection - Barbecues of Optimism


Hub City was the Roanoke Colony of municipality-themed cartoon collectives. The artifacts in this 15th anniversary cookout are all that remain of the collaboration between writer/artist/bons vivants Austin McKinley, Alan Laidlaw and Jason Greer before they vanished mysteriously into the woods to be gnawed upon by wolves. Contains Hub City #1-5, Edgeways: Message in a Bottle, The First Stone, and over 50 pages of partially complete and never-before-published evidence of Hub City's untimely demise. Get it here!




236 pages, B/W.





Complete Squareasota


I've just completed a revised version containing the complete 7-year run and two early precursor strips. It's available for sale on Amazon.


This is the definitive collection of Sarasota's only local cartoon on entertainment and politics.




207 pages, most of them color. You can read an online sampling of them here.




Complete The World Is Our Icebox


How do penguins pass the time at the south pole? Plenty of costume parties, snowball fights, and close encounters with killer whales. Austin McKinley explored that territory before it was cool in this collection of online comic strips from 2001-2002. The entire run is printed in color here for the first time. If you're a fan of the strip, or penguins in general, this is the last Icebox collection you'll ever need.




138 pages, color. Get it here.




Austin McKinley Gets His !@#$! Together


Slick, punchy, and occasionally ill-advised, this collection of my experimental comic shorts is snappier than a crocodile's jaws! Contains Hub City, Pop Fiction, Small Press Expo and Flyingcar.com favorites "Dennis the Phantom Menace," "Honeymoon in Vega," "Space Age Boxing Club," "The Cat & the Cricket," Lightspeed Dwindorf," "Mister Reality," "Billy the Bronto Booger," "Agent Orange," "Dagobert: The Lost King," "Orbit the Space Cat," "Marooned!,""Shangri-Lac," "Need for Speed," "The Realtor World," and more!




112 pages - Check it out here!





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