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The production team of Caster's Blog is exploring the possibility of raising the budget to create a feature version of the 15-minute proof of concept short film, either through local grants, donations, or a crowd-funding campaign.


A feature screenplay, budget and shooting schedule are all complete.



Statement from the Director:


Caster's Blog is a 'Bridget Jones' Diary' for geeks.  Caster's an introverted guy, whose online friends are more real to him than the real world.  They make it easy to detach himself from his crappy job, and disappointing relationships.  But he meets a girl, and all of that starts to change. Then she moves away and it changes back.  Finally, he has to find a balance between letting circumstances and his online friends control him, and fighting for the real life girl of his dreams.


Based on the exploits of Ray Caster, whose popular blog was posted for the unsuspecting public by real life writer Marcus Alexander Hart for a full year. Set in 2004, the year of the Blog's main run, it is nonetheless a timely story, tackling the impact of the early blogosphere on society and relationships.  The setting of Sarasota provides an interesting mis en scene as Caster transitions - like the town - between low income bungalows to the upper strata of Tampa Bay society.  The postcard surroundings outside Caster's environment underscore the ways Caster is trying to connect and find his place. It is the eloquence of his inner world trying to shine through.