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NESmaker is the tool set we built to create actual hardware playable cartridge-based NES games without ever having to write a line of code


NESmaker v4.0





**Tentative Schedule**

Wed, Aug 8th: LAUNCH - tutorial on basics

Wed, Aug 15th: Adventure Tutorial

Wed, Aug 22nd: Platform Tutorial

Wed, Aug 29th: Horizontal Shooter Tutorial

Wed, Sept 5th: Brawler Tutorial

Wed, Sept 12th: Point and Click Tutorial

Wed, Sept 19th: "Puzzle Game" Tutorial

Wed, Sept 26th: Simple RPG Tutorial

Wed, Oct 3rd: NESmaker UPDATE


WED OCT 3rd-Nov 3rd: The first official NESmaker Game Development Competition.


Each of these lessons will be small, simple, basic concepts that will show how NESmaker can be used to perform the mechanics of each type of game...lessons that can be completed in just a few hours (so manage your expectations). Knowledge should be generally cumulative. It should also demonstrate in practice how the question "can NESmaker do xyz" is an impossible one to answer, because it will all depend how you the user synthesize what you learn. We'll release basic, simple module code for each tutorial, to get users used to loading up new code, tweaking it to fit their desired specifications, etc, and hopefully new ideas begin to appear on the forums.


By October 3rd, for the people who have followed along with the tutorials, they should have a pretty good handle on how to make things happen, preparing them to create some pretty diverse games for a competition! And we have a very interesting judge lined up - I won't reveal who, but if you saw our "The New 8-bit Heroes" film, you might have an idea of someone who appeared in the movie who is extremely relevant at evaluating NES games...  ;-)


And over the month of August and September, we can evaluate feedback and continue to add to and tweak the tool a bit.


PLEASE NOTE: What you download on launch day is only the most basic version of what the program will be able to do. We will continue to add to it over the course of the next couple of months so the community can learn along with us as we add more functionality.

Keep up to date on NESmaker's progress!


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