In this open journey through a unique fantasy world, the young vagabond musician Julian strives to avenge his mentor and undo the deceptive actions of the rogue sorceress Amriya.  Solve complex puzzles.  Explore a mysterious mythology full of foreign races and monsters.  Navigate through perilous platforming.  Gain a wide array of magical abilities.  Learn the song of the world.  Become the hero by restoring control of the supernatural elements to the Mystics before the imbalance leads to the catastrophic end of the natural world!




What is Mystic Origins?


Rather than release a small portion of the game as a beta, we decided instead to create an entire mini quest that acts as a prequel.  It's a nice vertical slice of what Mystic Searches will be.

The Story:

Myrinda.  Playground of deities.  The fabled continent where the makeup of corporeal reality is still malleable.  To the mundane world, sacred accounts of the strange land are no more than a collection of allegories on which the world’s cultures were founded.  But make no mistake, the place is real, as is all of its wonder.


As the oldest stories tell it, the Age of Wonder saw brave explorers from all races converge on Myrinda’s shores.  They came to cheat death, or to create life.  They came to heal the sick, or to curse the fortunate.  They came to learn the secrets of divination, or to take militant command of their fate.  They came to find balance, or to invoke entropy.  They all came with personal motivations, and they all recklessly tapped in to the supernatural agencies with no regard to consequence.


As word spread of the land’s magical properties, the scattered pilgrimages became mass immigration.  The sparse, supernatural wells were torn open.  Whether the response came from the deities or from the elements or from nature itself, the consequence was violent and beyond explanation.  The global cataclysm known as the Samudaripen consumed the world.  Entire civilizations were lost.  The Age of Wonder ended.  As the generations passed and the embers of memory went cold, stories of Myrinda and its magic devolved into myth.


Which is the exact intent of its protectors.  After the Samudaripen, only those engaged in the strongest communion with the mystical elements survived.  A rigorous, dogmatic order was established.  Individual caretakers took on the responsibility for each magic type, and acted as both its vanguard and regulator.  These were the first of the Mystics, and through thoughtful discipline and careful control, they have kept Myrinda safely hidden from the world for generations.


But not everyone in Myrinda values the strict, regimented control over the world’s magic.  Lately there has been unrest.  Racial rivalries have divided the population.  The wildlife has become restless and aggressive.  Politicians have marginalized the salience of magic entirely.  And a rogue cult has been infiltrating all communities, spreading a manifesto which seems aimed at undermining faith in the order of Mystics.


From the Celestial Observatory in Sagelakes, Master Paen reads the warning spelled across the night sky.  The pattern in the stars warns of something ominous.  Something that the Mystics will be powerless to prevent.  And in the stars, he reads that Julian, the young vagabond who hears the song of the world, will have a vital part to play.

The World:


Julian begins in the relatively safe haven of Sagelakes, at the Celestial Observatory where he's apprenticed to the Mystic Master Paen. Situated in the exact center of the Myrindan continent, the ancient observatory helps Master Paen oversee the element of Order, seeking balance and harmony between the world's disparate forces in the movement of the planets. Sagelakes is a lush an fertile grassland dotted by occasional small farms and trading outposts. It's isolated and peaceful, and that's just the way Master Paen likes it, to aid his seeking of harmony in nature. As Julian travels to the four corners of Myrinda, however he will encounter much wilder lands.


To the northwest of Sagelakes is the dark forest of Borrowood, where the Galbies use semi-sentient and ambulatory trees known as Ruhks as slave labor for their mining and logging operations. From their mill town of Galbeton, they harvest the forest and the caves beneath it for all of its riches. But deep within the Calderash Caverns, the Mystic Kesali struggles to correct the ways in which her magic gift of Sentience has been perverted to serve the whim of the industrious Galbies.


Climbing the slopes of Mt. Poten north of Iohai, Julian may find the hidden entrance to Sapphire Pass. If he survives the treacherous climb, he may find himself on the other side of the clouds at the doors of the Myssym Monastery, where the keepers of ancient magical knowledge dwell in solitude, and where the rare few with proved magical abilities must go to become fully fledged Mystics. But Myssym and the secrets it holds are jealously guarded by vicious sentinels, the cliffs are steep, and it's a long way down!


Due north of Sagelakes is the cosmopolitan town of Iohai, where Myrinda's most learned and civilized citizens gather to preserve the world's knowledge. Home to a diverse mixture of races and cultures, Iohai is full of treasures and opportunities. But it can be a dangerous place, too. So much wealth attracts the unscrupulous, and Iohai's security force - the Gavvers - are constantly vigilant, zealously guarding against any infraction. All wrongdoers they catch face the same extreme punishment: banishment to the penal colony of Nark far to the south.


In the swamps of Swynhall,  the ruins of a previous civilization that once flourished now sinks into the muck. This is where the Mystic Iele, mistress of Decay has made her home. She broods, deep in the mist, ready to lure unwary trespassers off the narrow path to feed her appetite for corruption. But don't be too quick to judge her, for all life springs from the breakdown of things that came before it. Iele is right in thinking that without the stagnation and rot her land provides, there would be no fertile Sagelakes or verdant Borrowood. All the same Julian will have to step carefully if he doesn't want his journey to come to a quick end. Or if he becomes poisoned, a slow painful one.


Nark is the domain of Zmeu the dragon, and his horde of half-human children and creatures of every sort who have fully embraced the passionate fires of Exigence. Myridans considered too deviant, troublesome or contagious are sent to Zmeu who excises their true nature by the fiery trials of his harsh realm. Many do not survive the rigors of life in Nark, but those that do relish in the freedom and power they feel, stripped of the niceties and compromise of the other lands. They become  willing, even gleeful participants in the barbaric contests Zmeu stages in his terrible Colosseum.

Mironan Desert

Past the scorching caldera of Nark and the fetid mire of Swynhall stretches the vast, sun-bleached Mironan Desert. Mirages, howling winds and geomagnetic confusion make traveling the sands a near death sentence for all those unfamiliar with them. But the fortunate may encounter Sardonyx, Mysic of Progeneration who can provide access to the healing waters secreted in giant, ancient cisterns rising out of the dunes. That is if the heat, roving bandits, poison creatures and water warriors sworn to protect their caches don't kill them first!


Past the gauntlet of Yog, it is rumored lies the idyllic sanctuary of Paanitan on the shores of the Sylvan Sea, where Sirena, the Mystic of Time, has taught the first inhabitants of Myrinda how to escape all their worldly problems. If Julian can make it there alive, he will surely be rewarded with the most fantastic prize available to mankind: the ability to truly control one's destiny. Unless the town is an illusion, and the story of those who live there is a lie!


Travel the lands of Myrinda long enough, and it's only a matter of time before Julian finds himself in Mulo, where Mort the Mystic of Death holds sway. But as any scholar studying the Myrindan Mandala will tell you, Death is not diametrically opposed to life. There is life in the city of the dead, of a kind, and secrets far more terrible than those with which any who are still living have had to contend!


Only once Julian has collected the magical apocrypha from each of the besieged Mystics of Myrinda will he have any hope of surviving the terrors that await in in the Veshna - the darkest forest south of Borrowood, where the fallout from the Samudaripen - the disintegration of all magical cohesion is at its worst.  There he will have to face Amriya, architect of the magical rebellion against the Mystics, herself a master of every magical discipline! This may not be a fight that julian can win, but the fate of Myrinda and all who live there hang in the balance!



The canyonland of Yog is an enigma on many fronts. Washed out arroyos, dead-end tunnels, tight passages and cliffside dwellings make it difficult enough to navigate, never mind the recalcitrant Mystic Stranzo and her band of thieving acolytes whose only guiding principle is Chaos magic. Nothing is sacred to the denizens of Yog but what they can steal and what they can twist into a distorted view of reality. If Julian makes it through this natural and ideological labyrinth, it will truly prove his mettle as a magical adventurer!

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